Sam found a LOVE
for the
and its amazing qualities
in 1999 after a trip to the esteemed
Hans Weisshaar firm in Los Angeles.

He began tinkering, dismantling and mostly destroying cheap instruments. In 2001 Sam decided it was time to learn the skills and techniques necessary to repair and restore instruments. Another trip to Weisshaars and a confession of sorts to Margaret Shipman (owner of the firm at the time) was the beginning of true purposeful work. A bridge here, pegs there and in a few years Sam became a capable and valued asset to the local string community. Sam has completed bow rehairing and repair workshops with Lynn Hannings, master bow maker and restorer. Continued classes, workshops and 4 years of advanced techniques has allowed Sam to provide quality repairs, products and services to:

  • Panama Buena Vista School District
  • Members of the Bakersfield Symphony
  • Mountain Music of Tehachapi
  • Hundreds of private students and players